S1 episode 1 Aired on October 6, 2000

In the premiere, Grissom and Brass track down a serial killer who stages his murders so that they appear to be suicides.  Meanwhile, Willows and Brown investigate a robbery/homicide. And Stokes, working his 100th case, gets involved with a businessman who has been taken advantage of by a prostitute. Throughout the shift, all the team members take turns training Gribbs, new to the team and fresh out of the Police Academy.  While being left unattended at the site of a burglary, however, the inexperienced Gribbs is shot when the suspect unexpectedly returns to the scene. 

The team is on the case 24-7, scouring the scene, collecting the irrefutable evidence and finding the missing pieces that will solve the mystery.  Gil Grissom (Petersen), the senior forensics officer, heads the team of crime scene investigators at the Criminalistics Bureau in Las Vegas. On that team is single parent Catherine Willows (Helgenberger), who has to juggle a job she loves with being a parent.  Captain Jim Brass (Guilfoyle) is tough on everyone, and he isn’t happy that rookie Holly Gribbs (Chandra West) got her job because of whom she knows, not what she can do. Meanwhile, Warrick Brown (Dourdan) and Nick Stokes (Eads) are in a head-to-head competition to solve their 100th crime – one is probing a suspicious murder in a private home; the other is investigating “trick rolls” that have been occurring in glamorous hotels.