Nick Stokes
played by George Eads
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Equal parts charm and chops, Nick Stokes was more than happy to take Warrick Brown on in a friendly competition to reach the level of CSI-3. With his 100th cleared case behind him, Nick is self-assured and focused, yet not above being teased by his colleagues because of his revolving-door reputation with women. He's very serious about this job, and does it well, but Grissom still rides him to be better.


George Eads starred in the title role in the TNT movie "Evel Knievel." He has also been seen in the cable movies "The Dog Walker" and "Monte Walsh." Eads, who played Thumper in the series "Grapevine" on CBS, also starred in the series "Savannah" and guest-starred in several episodes of "ER." His additional television film credits include "The Spring," "Broken Crown" and "The Ultimate Lie."

Among his feature film credits are "Only in America" and "Dust to Dust."

Eads was born in Fort Worth, Texas, and lives in Los Angeles. His birth date is March 1.