Season 5 episodes

S5 EP16
Gold Soundz
With Auggie and Deckard safe on a plane headed back to DC, Annie and the CIA can cross one problem off their list. But there are still a few major loose ends to tie up, not the least of which is getting Annie and McQuaid out of Buenos Aires. The good news is that Annie and McQuaid have Belenko in custody. The problem is the Russians want him dead and have sent in a Vega Force unit, their most deadly strike team, to make sure it happens. While McQuaid is ready to ditch Belenko, Annie manages to convince him that Belenko’s intel on the FSB is too valuable to lose. McQuaid concedes, and then shocks Annie with a proposition of his own: if he and Annie get out of this alive, they should get married.
S5 EP15
Auggie may have made it out of Grozny alive, but with Belenko once again in the wind he’s still not safe—and neither is his old CIA buddy James Deckard. So Auggie, Annie and McQuaid hastily head down to Buenos Aires, where Auggie knows Deckard has been laying low, in the hopes that they can get to him before Belenko does.
S5 EP14
Transport Is Arranged
With Auggie still being held captive, Annie is kicking herself for letting Belenko slip through her fingers in Frankfurt. But she’s not about to sit around and idly stew in regret. So while the team back at Langley tries to figure out why a Chechen would be posing as a Georgian diplomat—and why the Russians would be protecting him—Annie and McQuaid head to Chechnya in search of Auggie.
S5 EP13
She Believes
On the heels of Auggie’s abduction, McQuaid discovers that Auggie is missing and loops in Joan and Calder. As they try to get in touch with Annie, who’s still on Belenko’s trail in Europe, they work every available lead to find Auggie. It turns out that one of his captors was McQuaid’s former employee Alan Langer, so McQuaid digs into Langer’s resources while Calder enlists Sydney’s help to get more intel out of Mashkov.
S5 EP12
Starlings Of The Slipstream
It’s Annie and McQuaid’s first morning together after his release from the hospital, but there’s little time for romance. It seems Auggie, reeling from the news about Tony Salgado’s death, has been arrested. Though the two aren’t on the best of terms at the moment, after Annie bails Auggie out he shares his theory about Tony’s death: it wasn’t alcohol poisoning, it was murder. With the deaths of Charlie in Chicago, Mueller in Azerbaijan and now Tony—whom Auggie believes was the real target of the motorcade bombing attempt—it seems that Belenko is taking out members of Auggie’s former unit. And with no one else from the team left alive, Annie fears that Auggie could be next.
S5 EP11
Trigger Cut
In the aftermath of the bombing attempt on the treaty motorcade, wounds are still fresh. Annie managed to thwart the attack and traitorous Caitlyn is dead, but McQuaid is lying in a hospital bed in critical condition. As Annie sits vigil by his bedside, all she can do is fume over the fact that the mastermind behind the whole plot, diplomat Aleksandre Belenko, is still free. So when Arthur finds a cryptic note in Caitlyn’s calendar about a meeting in Istanbul, Annie jumps at the opportunity to go to Turkey. It’s a long shot, but maybe the meeting is still on and will somehow help her tie Belenko to the Chicago and DC bombings, and—better yet—figure out how to bring him down.
S5 EP10
Sensitive Euro Man
With Ryan on the run and the CIA combing through McQuaid Security, Annie gets a message from the man himself asking her to meet him in secret. When she fills him in on her theory that it’s his right-hand woman Caitlyn Cook setting him up, Ryan is reluctant to admit that the culprit could be his longtime friend. Unfortunately, it soon becomes clear that Annie was right, though she and Ryan still don’t know Caitlyn’s motives—or her next target.
S5 EP9
Spit On A Stranger
Just moments after Annie and Ryan kiss, she gets an even bigger surprise when the man Roger Bennett had suspected was following him shows up to meet with Ryan. When Annie and Auggie look into the mysterious dog-walker, they discover that his name is Allen Langer and that not only did he not live in Roger’s building, but he was at the scene when Roger was killed. Since she still doesn’t know what Langer and McQuaid’s connection is, Annie decides to investigate by taking a bold step: resigning from the CIA and going to work at McQuaid Security.
S5 EP8
Annie is barely off the plane from Azerbaijan when she and Auggie get some shocking news: according to Roger’s sources, Mueller wasn’t actually responsible for the Chicago attack. Thanks to unreliable intel from Ivan Kravec, it looks like the CIA may have droned the wrong guy.
S5 EP7
Brink Of The Clouds
While being interrogated by the CIA, Ivan Kravec reveals that the mastermind behind the Chicago bombing was terror cell leader Faruq Tabrizi. Though Tabrizi has been on the CIA’s radar for a while, they’ve never had a photo of him, much less knowledge about his true identity, until now: it turns out Tabrizi’s real name is Nathan Mueller, and he’s not just an American—he’s a former CIA operative who mysteriously went off the grid a few years back.
S5 EP6
Embassy Row
After their return from Paris, Auggie and Annie have just patched things up when they get a call from Langley about Ivan Kravic. The CIA has learned that he’s about to attend an important meeting, and since Annie already has an established relationship with him she’s heading back to the City of Lights to see what she can find out about the meet.
S5 EP4
Silence Kit
The day begins with good news: Auggie’s friend Roger has been able to identify the Postman, the mysterious source who leaked the info on the CIA station in Chicago. It turns out the Postman is Harris Wilson, a senior analyst for the NSA who’s been unloading top-secret intel in a hurry, and apparently has more to sell. Joan authorizes Annie to begin surveillance on him, but she’ll have to do it carefully, because Wilson is more well-trained—and dangerous—than the typical desk jockey.
S5 EP3
Unseen Power Of The Picket Fence
Now that they’ve got a wounded Borz Altan in custody, Annie, McQuaid and his henchmen have got to get him out of the country. Unfortunately, their plan to cross the border into Colombia goes awry, leaving Annie and McQuaid alone with their precious cargo and headed to Caracas to hide out until the CIA can find them a way out of Venezuela.
S5 EP2
False Skorpion
When Borz Altan, the terrorist behind the Chicago CIA station bombing, turns up in Maracaibo, Venezuela, Annie is hot on his heels. And she’s not the only one on his trail: after tracking Borz to a mosque where he’s laying low, she’s surprised to run into McQuaid. He suggests working together to capture Borz, but despite the advantages McQuaid brings to the table—a team of security personnel and seemingly unlimited financial resources, for starters—Annie is reluctant to trust him and opts to go it alone.
S5 EP1
Shady Lane
Last we saw Annie, she had finally defeated Henry Wilcox and was making her escape from Hong Kong. But following that ordeal she didn’t return triumphantly to Langley. Instead, she disappeared without a trace.