Season 4 episodes

S4 EP16
Trompe Le Monde
Knowing it might be her last play, Annie has surrendered herself to Henry in the hope that she’ll be able to find an opportunity to take him out for good. As he keeps her in custody at his Hong Kong headquarters, revealing his plan to trade her to the MSS, Auggie works with the local CIA team to support Annie.
S4 EP15
There Goes My Gun
With Henry and his $150 million worth of diamonds now in Hong Kong, Annie, Auggie and Calder make their way there to try to catch Henry before he disappears for good.
S4 EP14
River Euphrates
In the aftermath of Helen’s murder, Annie and Auggie finally get their long-awaited reunion; unfortunately, it’s both bittersweet and brief. Thanks to a secret note left by Helen, they learn that Nelson Smith, Henry’s money man, is a customs official in New York, which means now Annie is off to the Big Apple to track him down. And she’s not the only one heading to New York. When a tip from FBI agent Vincent Rossabi links Henry to stolen CIA funds, Joan decides to head to Brooklyn to the diamond dealership where it seems Henry is laundering his misbegotten money.
S4 EP13
No. 13 Baby
Though still allegedly dead, Annie is back on home turf—dangerous ground both physically and emotionally, with Henry gunning for “Jessica Matthews” and so many ways her cover could end up blown. She soon arranges a meet with Calder to deliver the laptop she found in Deric Hughes’s hotel room, and he passes it on to Auggie for decryption. As they work on cracking the computer, Annie pays a visit to Deric’s daughter, and learns about a cabin at Camp Hillcrest owned by Henry Wilcox. But when Calder leads a team to the cabin, it explodes before they can find anything, and Annie’s tip leads to nothing.
S4 EP12
Something Against You
With Henry’s man dead but Henry still unaware of that fact, Annie and Sana are in a unique position: one step ahead of him. To keep Henry convinced that “Andrew Goodman” is still alive, Annie continues his mission: planting false intel on Sana’s fiancé’s computer linking him to the Copenhagen helicopter bombing. After Interpol takes David into custody, Annie manages to convince a distraught Sana to reach out to Henry for help. Having expected just such a call, he soon arrives in Geneva in the hope that he can rekindle his romance with his ex-wife, and that’s when Annie puts the rest of her plan in motion.
S4 EP11
Now that she’s been officially declared dead, Annie has a new name, a new look, and a new mission: travel to Geneva and get close to Henry Wilcox’s ex-wife, Sana, in the hopes that she can help take Henry down.
S4 EP10
Levitate Me
Henry Wilcox’s dastardly plan has all come to a head: Teo is dead, Arthur is facing treason charges, Joan and Auggie are suspended from their jobs, and Annie is on the run in Europe. Things are looking dire, but no one is quite ready to give up just yet.
S4 EP9
Hang Wire
At Arthur and Joan’s behest, Annie is off to Denmark, where Henry Wilcox is attending an energy conference. Close on his heels is Teo Braga, there to finally take down Henry. But Annie can’t let Teo make this a suicide mission, even if it would mean the death of a man no one would particularly mourn, so she intervenes to foil his assassination attempt. The only problem is, that means Henry is still able to play the rest of his hand. And this time, there may be nothing Annie and Teo can do to stop him.
S4 EP8
I've Been Waiting For You
Late at night, a surprise visitor shows up at Annie’s door: Auggie. Her very recent ex isn’t there to rehash their breakup; he’s there to work. He has a mission in mind, and sees no reason why he and Annie shouldn’t continue to work together.
S4 EP7
Crackity Jones
Now that Henry has intervened and spared Annie from the FBI’s investigation into Seth’s death, Annie has a new set of problems. During her confrontation with Henry, he dropped a bombshell: Auggie’s former CIA wife and partner Helen might not be dead after all. Though a stunned Auggie can’t believe it, the shocking revelation turns out to be true. And not only is Helen alive, but she’s the same mysterious dark-haired woman who’s been working with Arthur.
S4 EP6
Space (I Believe In)
Bad news for Annie: Seth Newman’s body has turned up, and the FBI is on the murder case. To protect them both, Joan assigns Annie as the CIA liason to the FBI. Calder isn’t happy with Joan’s decision, or the fact that she made it without consulting him, and tensions between them begin to escalate. Meanwhile, Annie is facing problems of her own as she’s reunited with a suspicious Vincent Rossabi. Experience has taught the FBI agent that Annie’s always got a hidden agenda, so he’ll be keeping a careful eye on her—which won’t make trying to conceal the truth about her role in Seth’s death any easier.
S4 EP5
Here Comes Your Man
Now that Calder Michaels is the new head of the DPD, changes are underfoot. Annie and Auggie, still reeling from the fiasco with the Chens, are pulled into their new boss’s office and given their marching orders: Annie is to go to Vienna and make contact with international arms dealer Dion Stavros, and Auggie is to have no contact with her. He’s been removed as Annie’s handler, replaced by Calder himself. The news doesn’t please Auggie a bit, not only because he doesn’t relish the thought of being cut off from his girlfriend, but because it looks like Calder is Henry Wilcox’s latest puppet and CIA mole.
S4 EP4
Rock a My Soul
After witnessing Teo Braga thwart the ALC bombing attempt in Colombia, Annie is now back in DC and convinced he’s working for the right side. Though Auggie has his doubts—and a mysterious history with Teo he won’t reveal—he reluctantly agrees to help follow the intel Teo provided, helping Annie look into Wendy and Xu Chen. It turns out the DC-based Chinese nationals help move money, and happen to have conducted a recent transaction in Colombia. After following the couple to a clandestine meeting, Annie discovers who hired them to pay off the ALC bombers in Medellin: Henry Wilcox. Now Annie is convinced that if she can just get proof of his involvement in the terror plot, she’ll have what she needs to finally bring him down.
S4 EP3
Into The White
Armed with a new file from Henry, Annie calls a secret meeting with Arthur and Joan to tell them what she’s learned: Teo and his terror group are planning to bomb an American target in Columbia. Arthur discloses the truth about Teo: that he’s a double agent who infiltrated the ALC to avenge his mother’s death. Though Joan and Annie worry that Teo might have crossed over to the other side, Arthur is convinced that his son is still on the right path, and asks Annie to return to Columbia to attempt to bring Teo in from the cold.
S4 EP2
Dig for Fire
Upon her return from Columbia, Annie gets a surprise visit from Arthur, disgraced following his recent revelation of infidelity and resignation from the CIA. Determined to protect his secret connection to terrorist Teo Braga—and most of all to protect Joan from being damaged by it—Arthur asks Annie and Auggie to keep what they know to themselves and help figure out Henry’s endgame.
S4 EP1
Season four begins with Annie swiftly ascending an elevator, racing upwards towards a mysterious – and no doubt dangerous – meeting. She makes an emotional call to Auggie, and, ignoring his pleas to come home, pulls out a gun. Then the elevator doors open, and all hell breaks loose…