Season 3 episodes

S3 EP16
Lady Stardust
Following Eyal's capture, Khalid Ansari makes Annie an offer: deliver the names of CIA assets working for his father, and he'll free Eyal. Risky as it is, Annie fears that there's no other way to save her friend. So with help from a local hacker, she finds a way to access the intel she needs via the CIA mainframe at the American Consulate in Amsterdam.
S3 EP15
With Auggie on his way to Baghdad and Joan on leave, Annie is on her own at Langley when she gets some bad news: the body of her former asset, Megan Carr, has been found in Luxembourg. Feeling responsible for Megan, Annie travels there to check it out, unwittingly falling into a trap laid out for her by a vengeful Khalid Ansari. Now a hunted woman, Annie has no choice but to turn to an old friend for help: Eyal.
S3 EP13
Man in the Middle
Thanks to intel secretly slipped to her by Eyal, Annie gets an exciting lead: Khalid Ansari, a well-connected oil executive with terrorist ties, will be meeting with a prime CIA target named Kamal al Masri. When Joan rejects Annie's mission proposal, Annie boldly goes above Joan's head to Arthur to pitch the plan: get to Ansari and al Masri by turning Ansari's American girlfriend.
S3 EP12
Wishful Beginnings
Upon her return to the U.S., Annie's offsite debrief is interrupted by orders to return to Langley, where she's surprised to encounter two unexpected visitors: Eyal Lavin and his boss, Rivka Singer. Mossad is in town tracking an asset who has gone missing – and with her a watch filled with important intel – and in exchange for the CIA's help tracking Karina, they'll share the contents of her watch. But in the new, post-Lena era no one is to be trusted. So while Joan agrees to the partnership, she secretly orders Annie to prevent Mossad from getting its hands on Karina's intel.
S3 EP11
Rock 'n' Roll Suicide
In a remote cabin in the Russian wilderness, Annie has done what she traveled across the world to do: kill her former mentor and Russian double agent Lena Smith. But, although Annie has gotten her revenge, she's hardly home free; it's not long before Russian commandos track her down and throw her into a Moscow prison.
S3 EP10
Let's Dance
Several months after the shooting, Annie is out of the woods but still in the process of recovery. Not one to just sit around nursing her wounds or her broken heart, she's fixated on finding Lena, who has fled to Russia. Despite Joan, Arthur and Auggie all urging her to focus on healing, not hunting down her former boss on a personal vendetta, Annie is determined to follow a lead in Moscow. And when Joan realizes that Annie is heading to Russia whether she has permission or not, she reluctantly agrees to help in an effort to help keep Annie safe.
S3 EP9
Suffragette City
As Annie and Simon lay bleeding on the kitchen floor, a deliveryman fortuitously sent by Danielle stumbles upon them and calls for help. Though it's too late for Simon, Annie is rushed to the hospital in critical condition after sustaining two gunshot wounds to the chest. And unfortunately for Annie, her problems don't end there: as she lays helpless and comatose in the hospital, her mind wandering though the events that brought her to this point, the CIA investigates her for treason.
S3 EP8
Glass Spider
After discovering Jai's safe house, filled with research regarding Simon Fischer and a possible intel leak at Langley, Annie and Auggie share the news with Arthur. With Simon now a suspect in Jai's death and Arthur assembling a team to bring him in, Annie realizes it's time to come clean about her relationship with Simon.
S3 EP7
Loving the Alien
When Simon Fischer invites Annie to join him for a week in Cuba-a trip Annie can only assume has to do with FSB business-it's an intel-gathering opportunity too good to pass up. So although the CIA can't officially sanction the mission, Annie requests vacation days from Joan and, with help from her ex-boss Lena, scores a forged passport and makes the risky journey.
S3 EP6
Hello Stranger
When the Prime Minister of Yemen suffers a heart attack and is granted entry to the U.S. to receive medical treatment at the Mayo Clinic, Annie sees an opportunity. She wants to talk to-and hopefully turn-Prime Minister Halabi's close friend and Chief of Staff, Sayid Al-Muqri. And although the State Department has demanded that the CIA stay away from Halabi and his entourage, Annie manages to convince Joan to let her travel to Minnesota to take a shot at landing this potentially major asset.
S3 EP5
This is Not America
Following their recent disgraces, Annie and Auggie have both been reassigned back to the DPD. But there's not much time to celebrate the reunion, because both have new orders: Auggie is entering mandated therapy and Annie is being sent to Israel on a new mission.
S3 EP4
Speed of Life
Thanks to Annie's work, the CIA learns that Simon Fischer has been in contact with Mike O'Leary, a notorious cat burglar specializing in the tech industry. Coincidentally, there's been a break-in at RDI Industries, a big-time defense contractor, and the CIA suspects Mike O. But, they have no idea what he was after. To find out, Annie contacts her old friend Vincent Rossabi at the FBI and suggests a little quid pro quo: she'll give up the identity of the thief and, in return, he'll reveal the details about what Mike stole.
S3 EP3
The Last Thing That You Should Do
While on a boat trip off the coast of Eritrea with a few of his girlfriend Parker's Peace Corps friends, Auggie takes the opportunity to propose. But unfortunately for the couple, the romance comes to a swift end. As it turns out, he remote waters of the Red Sea aren't just a perfect proposal setting - they're also a great place for a kidnapping.
S3 EP2
Sound and Vision
Fresh off her trip to Morocco, Annie is looking forward to unpacking her bags and getting some much-needed rest. But as usual, the Agency has other plans for her. A Canadian couple, fronts for the Chinese, have been detained in Barcelona after trying to enter to purchase a powerful computer virus from a hacker named Red Rover. Joan sees an opportunity: send in Auggie and Annie, posing as Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Andrea Quinn, to make the buy. There is one small issue though, neither one of them work for her anymore, but that's not a problem.
S3 EP1
Hang On to Yourself
It's the 4th of July, and everyone at the CIA is feeling festive. But the celebration comes to a quick and shocking end when a car bomb detonates outside a local diner, killing one of the Agency's own: Jai Wilcox.
S3 EP14
Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
In the wake of the failed drone strike and Annie's discovery of the fake intel from Mossad, the CIA drills down as Arthur prepares to report before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Though Joan instructs Annie to stay away from Eyal, as usual Annie can't help but disobey—especially when Eyal shows up and informs her that Megan Carr, Khalid's girlfriend whom Annie had turned, is in danger. When Annie discovers that Megan is missing from her CIA safehouse and that Khalid's henchman Griffin Cole has been in the area, she fears the worst: Cole has abducted Megan so that Khalid can exact revenge for her betrayal.