Season 2 episodes

S2 EP16
Letter Never Sent
Just before Annie is set to take an R&R trip to Sweden, she stops by her sister's house and finds out that Danielle's husband has been cheating on her with two women in the past year. Annie invites her sister to come along on the vacation.
S2 EP15
What's the Frequency, Kenneth?
While Annie keeps up her appearance as a Smithsonian employee, a British man named Kenneth Martin stealthily steals her wallet so that he can pass along a message to her to meet him later. When she does, he proposes that she work for England's own spy agency: MI6. After talking it over with the Agency, Joan has her suspicions about Martin but wants Annie to accept the offer and find out why the U.K. has spies hanging around the Smithsonian Institute.
S2 EP14
Horse to Water
When an old American operative is gunned down in Russia, Arthur pays a visit to a Virginia super-max prison. While there, he speaks with a former spy, Max Langford, who is serving a life sentence for treason. Arthur walks away from the meeting positive that Langford is behind the hit in Moscow.
S2 EP13
A Girl Like You
Special Agent Vincent Rossabi pulls Annie away from a date at a blues club to inform her that one of his agent's "confidential informants" was meeting with a CIA operative. He asks Annie to make the Agency back off. It turns out the CIA operative is Eyal Lavin, Annie's long time counterpart in the Mossad.
S2 EP12
Annie is on the hunt for Isaac Von Hagen. He has led her to Berlin, Germany, after she followed his international paper trail of money laundering for terrorists and tax-evaders. But in order to get to Von Hagen, Annie must make contact with his wife, Elsa. When she does, Elsa demands to speak to CIA honcho Arthur Campbell in person. The two have a deep history.
S2 EP11
The Wakeup Bomb
Annie is in Venice, Italy making an intel pick-up from a man with a white scarf in a busy public square. However, the operation goes bad when her contact is shot dead and the hit men get away.
S2 EP10
World Leader Pretend
Shen Yue is a brilliant hydro-electric engineer and a Chinese national who plans to defect to the United States during a conference in Washington D.C. Annie wrote the file on Shen so she will be facilitating his defection and serving as his point person for intelligence retrieval. Annie attends the conference banquet to extract Shen, and before dessert is served, she and Jai release him into freedom.
S2 EP9
Sad Professor
A CIA case officer, codename Moonlight, was killed in the line of duty. The agent turns out to be Annie's language professor from Georgetown University, Dr. Mark Ramsay. Annie is stunned to discover that he was part of Langley and is now dead. Ramsay was tracking a local Pakistani state-sponsored spy ring called Lashkar-e-Taiba.
S2 EP8
Welcome to the Occupation
Pablo Delgado and three other armed eco-terrorists have stormed a conference room in Mexico City and taken a group of oil executives hostage. But little does Delgado know, one of the oil executives, Megan Wilkins, is a deep-cover CIA agent. She's texted an emergency tweet and tipped off Langley of the situation. That's why Auggie hands Annie orders to lead a team of Special Ops down to Mexico and "resolve" the situation.
S2 EP7
Half a World Away
Auggie is attending a huge jazz festival in Istanbul, Turkey. After meeting old friends and setting up recording equipment to capture the live music experience, Auggie returns to his hotel to mix and perfect the sound. But he's shocked upon hearing a conversation picked up from one of his many microphones. He instantly recognizes the voice: it belongs to the man who blinded him.
S2 EP6
The Outsiders
As a joint operation with the Polish government, Annie and Reva must hike in Poland to install "rock cameras" near the Belarus border. Annie is enjoying the outdoors, while Reva wishes she were back in the tech lab. But before they head home, Belarusian soldiers brandishing AK-47s suddenly surround them. Both are thrown in the back of a truck and Reva starts to panic because she's not a field operative. Annie stays cool.
S2 EP5
Around the Sun
Danielle and Annie start their day with a grueling training run to prepare for the Marine Corps Marathon. On her way to work, Annie's nearly killed by an "alpha Barbie" who's distracted with her phone while driving.
S2 EP4
All the Right Friends
Annie is tasked with picking up an FBI prisoner, Carlo, and bringing him to Argentina where Italian AISE operatives will take control of him. Carlo is an Italian journalist who knows more than he should, but Annie's not sure he isn't just another spy with a convincing cover. Carlo runs off into the distance after they touch down in Argentina. After catching up to Carlo, Annie sees a red-bearded assassin named Helmut Drum killing the pilot of the plane. After escaping the airstrip, Annie assures Carlo that her people in Langley will sort everything out.
S2 EP3
Bang and Blame
Annie takes her niece to the Georgetown E.R. after she bumps her head. There, Annie meets Scott Weiss, a hunky doctor who brazenly asks her out on a date. But before the ink of Dr. Weiss' phone number is dry, Joan and Auggie approach Annie in the hospital parking lot. They have an emergency of their own.
S2 EP2
Good Advices
It's Annie's birthday and Auggie is back with the team. Joan skips the cake and gives Annie her next orders. Annie gets excited when she hears Paris is the destination. She's to cultivate an asset named Salma Devrient who works at the Syrian embassy.
S2 EP1
Begin the Begin
Season two starts where the first one left off, with Annie and Ben escaping danger together again. This time, they barely survive an ambush at a hospital in Guam. Ben continues to be a magnet for trouble. Later, when Jai visits them at a safe facility in the States, we see there is no love lost between the two men.