Season 1 episodes

S1 EP11
When the Levee Breaks
While Annie and Auggie endure another CIA awards ceremony, the elusive Ben Mercer makes another unwanted appearance. The DPD decide to bring him in for a polygraph test to find out exactly what he knows. Ben reveals that his deep undercover operations were about using a science teacher named Anton Sabine as human bait to get to Felix Artigas, an arms dealer. However, after getting to know Annie in Sri Lanka, Ben changed his mind and decided to go rogue.
S1 EP10
I Can't Quit You Baby
Annie's sister Danielle decides to take her daughter's class on a field trip to the Smithsonian Institute. The only problem is that Annie doesn't actually work there; it's just a cover for her real job at the CIA.
S1 EP9
Fool in the Rain
Annie is over-worked and Joan tells her to take a few days to get her head together. This is perfect timing because her sister's husband just cancelled a romantic vacation in Niagara Falls in order to play golf in South Carolina. Danielle invites Annie to join her on a road trip instead.
S1 EP8
What is and What Should Never Be
Annie is posing as a Smithsonian art buyer at the Brambles Auction House in order to survey odd spending behaviors. So when a bald man bids seven million dollars more than he needs to on a painting, Annie and Auggie are suspicious.
S1 EP7
Communication Breakdown
Washington, D.C. wakes up to a city without Internet, cellular data or a communications infrastructure. DPD is tasked with finding out who is behind this widespread cyber attack when it's learned that sensitive government servers may have been breached.
S1 EP6
Houses of the Holy
Clandestine U.S. operations in Pakistan and Afghanistan are not going as planned. Each time a Hellfire drone drops a bomb on a suspected terrorist, the target isn't there. The government thinks it's a leak.
S1 EP5
In the Light
Ben, Annie's mysterious lover from Sri Lanka, has reappeared and he's tracking down a terrorist named Hasaan, who is smuggling surface-to-air missiles into the United States.
S1 EP4
No Quarter
Annie is sent to Zurich to complete a simple "brush pass" - meet her Mossad contact, swap briefcases, and head back to the U.S. But before she can complete her objective, the airport is attacked, and a man attempts to steal Annie's briefcase. Annie is able to fight him off and make it out of the Airport safely, but with the Zurich police looking to question her and her mission not completed, Annie is forced to hide her briefcase in a nearby hotel and seek out Fatma, a.k.a. "The Turk" - a bridge agent who promises Annie a new identity and transports her to a safe house. There, much to Annie's surprise, her Mossad contact, Eyal, is already waiting.
S1 EP3
South Bound Suarez
Bonding (and flirting) over a hard-fought game of soccer, Annie gets close to a young college student, Diego Suarez. But it's all part of life in the CIA - her objective is to gain access to Victor Ponces, a corrupt government official in Venezuela ... whose mistress just happens to be Julia Suarez, Diego's sister. Taking advantage of Diego's boyhood crush (as well as letting him know that if he doesn't cooperate, he could be deported), Annie gets Diego to accompany her back to Caracas, Venezuela, to convince Julia to help the CIA track Victor's financial dealings. All Annie has to do is accompany him, hand him off to the local station agent, and then return.
S1 EP2
Walter's Walk
Despite a successful first assignment, Annie's still the new girl in the DPD. That means drawing the worst assignments, like debriefing "walk-ins" - people who show up at the CIA Headquarters claiming to have intel, although they usually turn out to be crazy. During walk-in duty, Annie meets Helen Newman and her teenage son, Walter, who has intercepted and decoded information from a short-wave radio transmission. With Auggie's help, the DPD is able to confirm that the intelligence Walter intercepted was legitimate chatter from an alleged IRA cell. However, by the time they learn this, Helen and Walter, afraid that they were being tailed, have already gone into hiding.
S1 EP1
During a blissful vacation, Annie Walker falls hard for Ben, a man who just might be the "one." Then, Ben abruptly disappears, leaving only a cryptic note. Back in Washington DC, Annie lands a job at the CIA and soon begins her training at the "Farm." Before she can finish though, Annie is plucked out and designated for assignment with the Clandestine Services division. Luckily, Annie has the guidance of Auggie, the blind but tech-savvy analyst who will help her navigate the secretive and complex world of the CIA.