Spit On A Stranger
S5 episode 9 Aired on August 19, 2014

Just moments after Annie and Ryan kiss, she gets an even bigger surprise when the man Roger Bennett had suspected was following him shows up to meet with Ryan. When Annie and Auggie look into the mysterious dog-walker, they discover that his name is Allen Langer and that not only did he not live in Roger’s building, but he was at the scene when Roger was killed. Since she still doesn’t know what Langer and McQuaid’s connection is, Annie decides to investigate by taking a bold step: resigning from the CIA and going to work at McQuaid Security. 

Once Annie’s in, her first order of business is hacking Ryan’s computer, where she and Auggie uncover an encrypted file featuring profiles and payment info for former McQuaid employees, including both Langer and Borz Altan. Annie intends to keep digging into it, but before she can Ryan comes clean to her, explaining that he has an elite black ops team—codenamed Flint—that does highly-secretive work for certain government agencies. Thanks to Arthur’s high-level contacts, Annie gets both confirmation that Flint exists and an address linked to the team, which turns out to be an abandoned power plant. 

There, Annie finds debris from an explosion identical to the one at the Chicago station, and decides it’s time to take her findings to the CIA. With the evidence mounting against Ryan, Annie will soon have to decide whether to trust the intel, which points straight at him, or her instincts, which tell her he’s innocent…