S5 episode 8 Aired on August 12, 2014

Annie is barely off the plane from Azerbaijan when she and Auggie get some shocking news: according to Roger’s sources, Mueller wasn’t actually responsible for the Chicago attack. Thanks to unreliable intel from Ivan Kravec, it looks like the CIA may have droned the wrong guy. 

Fresh off this revelation, Annie returns to Langley to field another bombshell: Hayley Price has spilled the secret of Annie’s heart condition, and Annie is being reassigned to a desk job. Despite her anger and disappointment, being benched isn’t going to stop Annie from running down Roger’s intel about Chicago. So when he calls her with a lead—and a request for $100,000 to buy intel off a source—she turns to Ryan McQuaid for help. 

Meanwhile, the DNI has called Calder, Joan and Annie in to answer questions about the drone attack. When Annie gets a call from a spooked Roger, who claims he has proof about the true identity of the Chicago mastermind, she abandons the inquest to chase him down with help from McQuaid. But putting her faith Roger—who it seems might not have banished all his crippling paranoia—means putting her career on the line. And just as she and McQuaid begin to get closer, Annie starts to wonder how much she can trust him after all…