Brink Of The Clouds
S5 episode 7 Aired on August 5, 2014

While being interrogated by the CIA, Ivan Kravec reveals that the mastermind behind the Chicago bombing was terror cell leader Faruq Tabrizi. Though Tabrizi has been on the CIA’s radar for a while, they’ve never had a photo of him, much less knowledge about his true identity, until now: it turns out Tabrizi’s real name is Nathan Mueller, and he’s not just an American—he’s a former CIA operative who mysteriously went off the grid a few years back. 

According to Kravec, Mueller recently closed his bank account and dispatched a Russian courier to transport the funds to him, so Annie—accompanied by Ryan McQuaid and a couple of his men—is on her way to Azerbaijan to follow the money to Mueller. They soon track him to a remote valley in the Caucasus Mountains, but discover that they’re too far outnumbered to risk an extraction. Rather than risk Mueller escaping, Calder and Joan call for a drone strike to take him out. The only problem? Minutes before the missile strike, Annie and McQuaid are captured by Mueller’s men and hauled into the heart of the encampment. And although Annie has a lot of questions she’d like Mueller to answer—and growing concern about the similarities between his situation and hers—for now she and McQuaid have to focus on getting out of there alive. 

Meanwhile, several complicated relationships lead to trouble back home. Calder is once again pulled towards Sydney, putting himself at risk to help her with her legal troubles. And when Auggie learns that Hayley has discovered the truth about Annie’s medical condition, he manages to convince her to keep it to herself for the time being. But juggling Hayley and Natasha is proving increasingly difficult, and he may not be able to protect himself, or the people he cares about, for much longer…