Embassy Row
S5 episode 6 Aired on July 29, 2014

After their return from Paris, Auggie and Annie have just patched things up when they get a call from Langley about Ivan Kravic. The CIA has learned that he’s about to attend an important meeting, and since Annie already has an established relationship with him she’s heading back to the City of Lights to see what she can find out about the meet. 

Despite the fact that last time she was in town she drugged Ivan and disappeared, he seems happy to see her again, and invites her to join him at a party that evening. But there’s one hitch: the party is at the Russian Embassy, and Annie is a wanted woman in that part of the world. Auggie and his team of CIA hackers manage to crash the Embassy’s computer system before Annie can be IDed, but it turns out fingerprint scans aren’t Annie’s only problem: Ivan is on to her. After being dosed with GHB and waking up in a trunk in a Paris alley, Annie is about to be handed off to the FSB and flown to Moscow for interrogation when Ryan McQuaid—who’d been at the Embassy party and seen Annie in trouble—shows up. And reluctant as she’s been to trust him, right now he might be the only thing standing between Annie and a lifetime in a Russian gulag. 

Back in D.C., Auggie’s got Russian-related problems of his own. With Natasha back in his life, he’s ready to end things with Hayley. But when he learns that she’s investigating Annie, he realizes he’s got to keep her close. Calder is also having trouble ending a relationship, finding himself drawn to Sydney—or Stephanie, as she’s actually named—once again. Meanwhile, Joan learns about Arthur’s involvement in the incident in Ramadi and worries about the toll the secret-keeping will take on their marriage.