Silence Kit
S5 episode 4 Aired on July 15, 2014

The day begins with good news: Auggie’s friend Roger has been able to identify the Postman, the mysterious source who leaked the info on the CIA station in Chicago. It turns out the Postman is Harris Wilson, a senior analyst for the NSA who’s been unloading top-secret intel in a hurry, and apparently has more to sell. Joan authorizes Annie to begin surveillance on him, but she’ll have to do it carefully, because Wilson is more well-trained—and dangerous—than the typical desk jockey. 

Meanwhile, the Campbells, Calder, and Auggie prepare to attend an exclusive awards gala, but Annie turns down McQuaid’s invitation to accompany him as she’s got staking out to do. Her surveillance offers one lead, but while tailing Wilson Annie is involved in a car crash that lands her in the hospital. Knowing that in the morning the CIA will see her medical file, which now contains the truth about her heart condition, a revelation that will effectively end her career as a field operative, she’s desperate to make a move on Wilson tonight. But she won’t be doing it alone: when Auggie shows up at the hospital, Annie finally comes clean, filling him in on how she enlisted Eyal’s help to seek secret medical care in Israel, and Auggie agrees to help her with what could very well be her final mission. 

While they approach Wilson’s wife in an attempt to turn her, Joan, Arthur, Calder and McQuaid schmooze at the gala. As Arthur drums up business for McQuaid Security, Joan faces the chance that her department could lose its funding, and Calder risks exposing his relationship with Sydney. And when her plan goes belly up and Annie returns home in failure, she gets a surprise that puts her in the greatest danger of all.