Unseen Power Of The Picket Fence
S5 episode 3 Aired on July 8, 2014

Now that they’ve got a wounded Borz Altan in custody, Annie, McQuaid and his henchmen have got to get him out of the country. Unfortunately, their plan to cross the border into Colombia goes awry, leaving Annie and McQuaid alone with their precious cargo and headed to Caracas to hide out until the CIA can find them a way out of Venezuela. 

While the CIA and McQuaid Security try to come up with an extraction plan, Annie and McQuaid lay low in a rented mansion. But with the police going door-to-door looking for them and Borz’s condition rapidly worsening, time is running out. Annie decides that she has to begin the interrogation now or risk losing everything Borz knows about Chicago. Before he dies she manipulates him into revealing one small piece of intel: the codename of the contact who told him about the CIA field station in Chicago, The Postman.


As Auggie tries to run down intel on the Postman, he pays a visit to his old friend Roger, whose chemical imbalance may have ended his career with the Agency, but didn’t destroy his expertise in black market intelligence. Intensely paranoid, Roger is convinced someone’s trying to kill him, but he agrees to look into the Postman for Auggie. 

Meanwhile, Calder goes before a committee on the Hill to answer questions about the bombing in Chicago, and the stress drives him into the arms of his comely lady friend, who isn’t entirely what she seems. And Caitlyn and Joan—Arthur’s work wife and actual wife—agree on an extraction plan. It’s risky, but if anyone can make it work it’s Annie and McQuaid. Because while they still might not trust each other, it turns out they make a hell of a team.