False Skorpion
S5 episode 2 Aired on July 1, 2014

When Borz Altan, the terrorist behind the Chicago CIA station bombing, turns up in Maracaibo, Venezuela, Annie is hot on his heels. And she’s not the only one on his trail: after tracking Borz to a mosque where he’s laying low, she’s surprised to run into McQuaid. He suggests working together to capture Borz, but despite the advantages McQuaid brings to the table—a team of security personnel and seemingly unlimited financial resources, for starters—Annie is reluctant to trust him and opts to go it alone. 

But McQuaid’s not the kind of guy she can avoid for long. She runs into him again when they both track Borz to a meet with a fellow conspirator, and when Borz gets away—this time with a bullet in his leg—McQuaid leaves Annie behind to face the local police on her own as he speeds away with his team. Ever resourceful, Annie still manages to beat McQuaid to Borz. But their brutal fight triggers another heart episode, leaving Annie in a precarious position. 

Back in D.C., it’s Arthur’s first day on the job at McQuaid Security, and McQuaid’s number two, Caitlyn Cook, is eager to onboard her new colleague. Maybe a little too eager. Meanwhile, Auggie is initially much less enthusiastic about his Agency-mandated sitdown with Hayley Price, an internal investigator assigned to look into the explosion in Chicago.