Gold Soundz
S5 episode 16 Aired on December 18, 2014

With Auggie and Deckard safe on a plane headed back to DC, Annie and the CIA can cross one problem off their list. But there are still a few major loose ends to tie up, not the least of which is getting Annie and McQuaid out of Buenos Aires. The good news is that Annie and McQuaid have Belenko in custody. The problem is the Russians want him dead and have sent in a Vega Force unit, their most deadly strike team, to make sure it happens. While McQuaid is ready to ditch Belenko, Annie manages to convince him that Belenko’s intel on the FSB is too valuable to lose. McQuaid concedes, and then shocks Annie with a proposition of his own: if he and Annie get out of this alive, they should get married. 

But wedding bells will have to wait, because first McQuaid and the possible future Mrs. McQuaid have to focus on eluding the Vega unit. With no way to communicate with Langley, they’re on their own. But thanks to skill and teamwork—not to mention some surprise help from Belenko, who is a big believer in the old adage “that enemy of my enemy is my friend”—they might just manage to make it out of Argentina alive. 

Meanwhile, back at home, Calder leads a team to apprehend Belenko’s hired gun Allen Langer—who was responsible for shooting Sydney, among many other crimes. Unfortunately, the highly trained assassin manages not only to escape, but to later sneak into Langley by posing as a CIA employee. He’s got two more names on his hit list, and will stop at nothing to finish the job Belenko hired him to do: kill Auggie and Deckard.