S5 episode 15 Aired on December 11, 2014

Auggie may have made it out of Grozny alive, but with Belenko once again in the wind he’s still not safe—and neither is his old CIA buddy James Deckard. So Auggie, Annie and McQuaid hastily head down to Buenos Aires, where Auggie knows Deckard has been laying low, in the hopes that they can get to him before Belenko does. 

They soon learn that Deckard is in jail for assaulting a dirty cop, and Joan agrees to try to pull some strings to get him out. But as they await his release, Annie, Auggie and McQuaid realize that they’re being followed by local cops, who seem to know their every move. After searching themselves for trackers, Auggie and Annie make a startling discovery: unbeknownst to him, Auggie has been wearing contact lenses that must have been planted on him by Belenko. That means that not only does Belenko know where Auggie is now, but that this whole mission was his plan all along: he wanted Auggie to think he’d escaped and then go find his friend. Auggie has unwittingly played right into his hands and led Belenko straight to Deckard. 

Knowing that Belenko could strike at any moment and with no time left to wait for Deckard to be released from jail, Auggie, Annie and McQuaid decide to break him out. McQuaid gets himself arrested and thrown in jail alongside Deckard, and the two try to make their way to freedom through a network of subterranean tunnels just as, aboveground, Belenko arrives at the prison. It’s a race against time and even if McQuaid and Deckard do manage to make it out, the team will face a tough decision: get to safety, or take advantage of what could be their last opportunity to take out Belenko. The decision is made even more complicated by the fact that Joan, having realized that Belenko has invaluable intel about the Russians, has asked Annie to bring him in alive. But with the Argentinian cops in Belenko’s pocket and the Russians eager to silence him, getting out of Buenos Aires alive won’t be easy…