Transport Is Arranged
S5 episode 14 Aired on December 4, 2014

With Auggie still being held captive, Annie is kicking herself for letting Belenko slip through her fingers in Frankfurt. But she’s not about to sit around and idly stew in regret. So while the team back at Langley tries to figure out why a Chechen would be posing as a Georgian diplomat—and why the Russians would be protecting him—Annie and McQuaid head to Chechnya in search of Auggie. 

They make it over the border and into Grozny, where, after some not-exactly-gentle coaxing from Annie, a contact of McQuaid’s begrudgingly discloses the location where Belenko is allegedly holding Auggie. But the SEAL team standing by to extract him won’t move in until there’s visual confirmation of Auggie’s presence, so Annie and McQuaid are forced to investigate. Not that Annie would be content to sit around and wait for backup, anyway—not with Auggie’s life on the line. 

Meanwhile, inside the building, Belenko’s motives finally become clear as he interrogates Auggie. He wants information on a man named James Deckard, who worked on Auggie’s team in Grozny in 2005. Though Auggie tells him that Deckard died during an attempted prisoner exchange, Belenko isn’t buying it. He’s heard that Deckard is alive, and he’s determined to find him and exact revenge for the death of his brother, whom Deckard shot during that operation. Though Auggie won’t cave in the face of torture, Belenko wonders whether he’ll be more willing to talk after listening to someone he cares about suffer, and to test the theory he brings in a surprise prisoner: Natasha. 

Hopeless as the situation might look, no one’s willing to go down without a fight. With the clock ticking, Auggie and Natasha try to find a way out of the building, while Annie and McQuaid try to find a way in. But as usual, Belenko has a few unexpected tricks up his sleeve that could send the whole mission up in flames…