She Believes
S5 episode 13 Aired on November 20, 2014

On the heels of Auggie’s abduction, McQuaid discovers that Auggie is missing and loops in Joan and Calder. As they try to get in touch with Annie, who’s still on Belenko’s trail in Europe, they work every available lead to find Auggie. It turns out that one of his captors was McQuaid’s former employee Alan Langer, so McQuaid digs into Langer’s resources while Calder enlists Sydney’s help to get more intel out of Mashkov. 

Meanwhile, Annie is shocked to learn that she and FSB agent Olga are actually on the same side when it comes to Belenko. So rather than continue to step on each other’s toes, the two women decide to work together and head to Frankfurt, where Belenko is set to meet with an American neurologist. Annie makes contact and learns that the doctor is treating Belenko for a rare degenerative neurological disorder and in town to give Belenko an injection. Knowing that Belenko might be the only one who can tell her where Auggie’s been taken, Annie convinces the doctor to sedate him so that she and Olga can capture and interrogate him. Though the operation doesn’t go quite as smoothly as hoped, the two spies do manage to get Belenko to Olga’s safe house. But the wily diplomat isn’t eager to spill his secrets, or willing to give up without a fight, leaving Annie and Olga on dangerous ground. 

And back in DC, a bug planted on Mashkov by Sydney has yielded intel that Joan and Calder are able to use to persuade the Russian to turn over secrets on Belenko. What they learn offers some clues about why Belenko has been targeting Auggie’s unit—and where Belenko might be bringing Auggie now. Unfortunately, Annie and the team are still several steps behind Belenko, and Auggie’s time could be running out…