Starlings Of The Slipstream
S5 episode 12 Aired on November 13, 2014

It’s Annie and McQuaid’s first morning together after his release from the hospital, but there’s little time for romance. It seems Auggie, reeling from the news about Tony Salgado’s death, has been arrested. Though the two aren’t on the best of terms at the moment, after Annie bails Auggie out he shares his theory about Tony’s death: it wasn’t alcohol poisoning, it was murder. With the deaths of Charlie in Chicago, Mueller in Azerbaijan and now Tony—whom Auggie believes was the real target of the motorcade bombing attempt—it seems that Belenko is taking out members of Auggie’s former unit. And with no one else from the team left alive, Annie fears that Auggie could be next. 

So though Joan suspends Auggie from the CIA following his arrest, Annie agrees to help him prove that Tony’s death was foul play and try to link the murder to Belenko. After she discovers evidence of a sophisticated neurotoxin in Tony’s liquor bottles, Annie heads to Germany to pay a visit to the lab where Belenko most likely sourced the toxin, while McQuaid stays behind to help Auggie out. Annie quickly determines that she’s in the right place when she spots Belenko’s henchwoman, whom she’d previously encountered in Istanbul. Olga, as Auggie discovers she’s named, seems to be there to surveil and kill the chemist who had provided Belenko with the toxin. Annie manages to turn the chemist—whom Belenko had seduced just as he had Caitlyn—but before she can reveal anything helpful she dies, a victim of her own poison. Now, with her only lead dead and Olga hot on her heels, Annie is out of options—and Auggie may be out of luck. 

Meanwhile, back at Langley, Joan grows concerned when she’s called in for a surprise polygraph and forced to answer questions about her time in the Balkans. And after the intel Sydney gathered from Mashkov proves valuable, Calder decides to send her in even deeper with the Russian diplomat, despite the risks involved.