Sensitive Euro Man
S5 episode 10 Aired on August 26, 2014

With Ryan on the run and the CIA combing through McQuaid Security, Annie gets a message from the man himself asking her to meet him in secret. When she fills him in on her theory that it’s his right-hand woman Caitlyn Cook setting him up, Ryan is reluctant to admit that the culprit could be his longtime friend. Unfortunately, it soon becomes clear that Annie was right, though she and Ryan still don’t know Caitlyn’s motives—or her next target. 

Back at Langley, things get awkward for Auggie when the NCTC sends Hayley Price back to the DPD to help with the investigation into McQuaid and she immediately starts digging into Annie as a suspect. And when Calder and Joan find themselves stonewalled as they try to follow up on Roger’s claim that he’d obtained intel from a source at the Russian Embassy, Calder decides to call on Sydney/Stephanie to provide a very different kind of service than she’s used to.


Meanwhile, after taking down the assassins Caitlyn sends after her boss, Ryan and Annie figure out the next terror target: a high-profile treaty signing organized by Georgian diplomat Aleksandre Belenko. When the CIA finds no sign of an imminent attack, Annie and Ryan try to get to the bottom of the plot themselves. While Ryan confronts Caitlyn—with potentially deadly consequences—Annie realizes where the bomb is hidden, and races to stop Caitlyn before she can carry out her plan. But ending the acts of terror will take more than just getting to Caitlyn, as it turns out the plot goes deeper than anyone has yet imagined.