Hang Wire
S4 episode 9 Aired on September 10, 2013

At Arthur and Joan’s behest, Annie is off to Denmark, where Henry Wilcox is attending an energy conference. Close on his heels is Teo Braga, there to finally take down Henry. But Annie can’t let Teo make this a suicide mission, even if it would mean the death of a man no one would particularly mourn, so she intervenes to foil his assassination attempt. The only problem is, that means Henry is still able to play the rest of his hand. And this time, there may be nothing Annie and Teo can do to stop him. 

After being kidnapped by Henry and his henchmen, Annie and Teo watch as Henry puts his plan into play, using one of the missing stolen missiles in a fatal attack that he plans to pin on Teo and, by extension, Arthur and everyone else. Though Annie and Teo manage to escape, the fugitives might not be able to get out of this one unscathed – or alive. 

Meanwhile, Calder has taken Auggie into custody after finding Seth’s flash drive in Auggie’s safe. Despite their current conflict and past antagonism, Auggie begins to suspect that Calder might not be a Henry Wilcox pawn after all. But with disaster unfolding in Denmark and Annie on the run, it’s hard to know whom to trust…