I've Been Waiting For You
S4 episode 8 Aired on September 3, 2013

Late at night, a surprise visitor shows up at Annie’s door: Auggie. Her very recent ex isn’t there to rehash their breakup; he’s there to work. He has a mission in mind, and sees no reason why he and Annie shouldn’t continue to work together. 

Annie agrees, so soon she’s off to Edinburgh to track down Teo in the hopes that he’ll agree to work with her. And after some persuasion—and some opening up—on her part, he does. With help from Arthur and Joan, Annie and Teo put a plan in motion: back in the U.S., Teo poses as a CIA prisoner and talks to his former ALC brother Eduardo, the terrorist Calder took into custody during the raid in Colombia. Eduardo has been refusing to talk to the CIA, but he opens up to his brother-in-arms about what he was doing meeting with Henry Wilcox in the jungle. It’s a huge revelation for Annie and Teo, who learn that Henry was behind numerous terrorist acts, including the bombing that killed Teo’s mother. 

Unfortunately, the mission soon comes to an abrupt end, when Calder and an unknown attacker arrive. Though Annie and Teo make it out alive, they’re not going to have it easy moving forward. As Teo disappears again, dead set on killing the man responsible for his mother’s death, Annie faces a new threat: Calder, who’s now coming after her and Auggie with everything he’s got.