Space (I Believe In)
S4 episode 6 Aired on August 20, 2013

Bad news for Annie: Seth Newman’s body has turned up, and the FBI is on the murder case. To protect them both, Joan assigns Annie as the CIA liason to the FBI. Calder isn’t happy with Joan’s decision, or the fact that she made it without consulting him, and tensions between them begin to escalate. Meanwhile, Annie is facing problems of her own as she’s reunited with a suspicious Vincent Rossabi. Experience has taught the FBI agent that Annie’s always got a hidden agenda, so he’ll be keeping a careful eye on her—which won’t make trying to conceal the truth about her role in Seth’s death any easier.

With the murder investigation going well – too well, from Annie’s point of view – she doesn’t have much time before the FBI finds evidence implicating her. While they wait for DNA evidence incriminating Annie to come in, Annie and Auggie scramble to find evidence linking Seth and Henry. They want to get their hands on a flash drive Seth was carrying when he died, but with Henry and Calder also trying to get the drive, it won’t be easy. Luckily Annie’s sleight of hand skills come in handy and she manages to switch out the drive for a fake, but unfortunately she and Auggie can’t make heads or tails of the photos they find on it. And when Auggie can’t hack into the FBI system to change out the DNA results and a desperate attempt to connect Seth and Henry by tracking the GPS from Henry’s car also yields no good leads, it looks like Annie might be out of luck. But trouble might not be coming from the direction she suspects, as Henry can always be counted on to have more than a few tricks up his sleeve…

Production Notes:

  • The very first scene of the episode involves Annie, Auggie and Joan meeting covertly in D.C. It rained the entire day (leading up to shooting this scene which was shot in the evening), but when it came time to shoot this scene it stopped raining altogether. Ultimately, the crew ended up having to create fake rain for this scene.
  • This episode sees the return of one of our fan favorite characters, FBI Agent Vincent Rossabi. Noam Jenkins has played Vincent Rossabi half a dozen times since the pilot episode of Covert Affairs.
  • If you remember, before Seth Newman’s untimely demise in #402, Annie witnessed Seth shove a flashdrive into an envelope and that envelope into his jacket pocket. Annie knows that this flashdrive could have very incriminating evidence against Henry Wilcox on it.Lexington Global Consulting & Risk Management is Henry’s new shingle – if the CIA won’t let him return to their ranks, Henry has decided to create his own privatized spy agency.
  • This episode is the first time that Annie learns about Joan’s past battle with addiction and her status as a member of Narcotics Anonymous.
  • There were some surprise spectators during the stunt scene where Rossabi tackles Marlon Higgins off of his balcony… a family of raccoons!
  • The stunt was performed in such a way so as not to damage the raccoons’ makeshift home. The raccoons did, however, get to see the stunt performed up close and personal, which we’re sure was as fun for them as it was for our audience!
  • An interesting note that casual viewers may not notice upon first glance – both Calder and Henry give very pointed speeches about “which side” people are working for. Calder mentions it to Joan in their final scene together and Henry addresses Annie in a similar fashion.