Rock a My Soul
S4 episode 4 Aired on August 6, 2013

After witnessing Teo Braga thwart the ALC bombing attempt in Colombia, Annie is now back in DC and convinced he’s working for the right side. Though Auggie has his doubts—and a mysterious history with Teo he won’t reveal—he reluctantly agrees to help follow the intel Teo provided, helping Annie look into Wendy and Xu Chen. It turns out the DC-based Chinese nationals help move money, and happen to have conducted a recent transaction in Colombia. After following the couple to a clandestine meeting, Annie discovers who hired them to pay off the ALC bombers in Medellin: Henry Wilcox. Now Annie is convinced that if she can just get proof of his involvement in the terror plot, she’ll have what she needs to finally bring him down.

Meanwhile, personnel changes in the wake of Arthur’s resignation are shaking things up at the CIA. When Joan takes over for Arthur as Director of Clandestine Services, she assigns Auggie to serve as Interim Head of the DPD. The new job means Auggie is more compelled than ever to keep secrets from Annie, and is now her boss. She’s not exactly thrilled with either development, frustrated when Auggie won’t explain a mysterious 6-month gap in his CIA service record or back up her plan to bring in the Chens.

But Annie’s never been great at following orders, and against his wishes she approaches the Chens and manages to bring them into CIA protection. Joan and Auggie stash them in a safe house and dispatch a team to retrieve the couple’s incriminating evidence on Henry. It looks like a win for Annie, Auggie, and the Campbells. But things might not be wrapped up as neatly as they seem to be, not with Henry Wilcox on a vengeance-fueled mission to destroy Arthur, and anyone else who gets in his way…

Production Notes:

  • This marks the second time that Auggie has taken up the reigns as the Head of the DPD – the first was when Joan was called in for jury duty back in episode #202
  • Joan being the new DCS isn’t without precedent either – she filled in for Arthur back in episode #212 when Arthur was on a mission in Berlin.
  • In promotional pieces leading up to Season 4, Chris Gorham openly spoke of this year being “all about secrets” and he wasn’t kidding; the revelation that Auggie was previously married and in love with a fellow spy was a whopper to keep from Annie.
  • Early in the season, when we were conceptualizing the character of Calder Michaels, we knew we wanted him to come into the CIA with a bang, driving a sleek, fluid, and bold vehicle. Ultimately, Jaguar teamed up with Covert Affairs and provided an F-Type V6S for the new sheriff of the DPD.