Into The White
S4 episode 3 Aired on July 30, 2013

Armed with a new file from Henry, Annie calls a secret meeting with Arthur and Joan to tell them what she’s learned: Teo and his terror group are planning to bomb an American target in Columbia. Arthur discloses the truth about Teo: that he’s a double agent who infiltrated the ALC to avenge his mother’s death. Though Joan and Annie worry that Teo might have crossed over to the other side, Arthur is convinced that his son is still on the right path, and asks Annie to return to Columbia to attempt to bring Teo in from the cold.

While Annie and Arthur travel to Columbia to try to bring Teo back in, Joan and Auggie stay behind to deal with the fires in DC. Fire one: Seth Newman’s death. Auggie fills Joan in, and she decides that she must go back to his house to clean up the mess from his struggle with Annie. While there, Joan also finds documents that could help her in the DCS confirmation hearings.

Meanwhile, Annie makes contact with Teo, who refuses to come in. Thanks to the GPS tracker she plants on him, Auggie traces him to an ALC base, and Annie enlists the help of Calder Michaels, the CIA chief she met last time she was in town, to storm the stronghold. Though they get Teo into custody, he manages to escape, and Annie can’t help but fear that he may be about to finish the bombing job. Though Calder is distrustful of Annie, he follows her to the hotel she suspects may be Teo’s target. There, she heads off on her own and soon finds herself face-to-face with the rifle-wielding terrorist in a tense rooftop showdown that’s certain to end in gunfire.