Trompe Le Monde
S4 episode 16 Aired on November 21, 2013

Knowing it might be her last play, Annie has surrendered herself to Henry in the hope that she’ll be able to find an opportunity to take him out for good. As he keeps her in custody at his Hong Kong headquarters, revealing his plan to trade her to the MSS, Auggie works with the local CIA team to support Annie. Back in D.C., the attacks on Arthur and Joan coupled with Oliver’s revelations have turned the tide on Henry; the CIA is now fully aware of his dealings, and Arthur’s name has been cleared. 

Now, the question for everyone is how to bring Henry to justice. After a failed attempt by Brathwaite to use a CIA tactical team to cover his own tracks with Henry, Henry takes Annie to an MSS safehouse for the handover. But before the spy agency can take her in, she and Henry each make their escapes. Luckily, Annie has learned enough about how Henry thinks to quickly track him down. And this time when she finds him alone she’s ready to put an end to his plotting once and for all. 

But with Henry finally out of the picture, Annie still has to get out of Hong Kong, which won’t be easy with the MSS on the hunt. And even if she makes it out of China, one big question remains: after everything that’s transpired, will she be able to come in from the cold, or is the old Annie Walker gone for good?