There Goes My Gun
S4 episode 15 Aired on November 14, 2013

With Henry and his $150 million worth of diamonds now in Hong Kong, Annie, Auggie and Calder make their way there to try to catch Henry before he disappears for good. 

Their only shot at finding Henry is tracking the diamonds he’s had smuggled into the country. At the diamond handoff, they get their hands on Henry’s courier; unfortunately he’d rather die than talk. But with unwitting help from the Hong Kong police, Annie manages to get a lead on the man who took possession of the diamonds. He turns out to be a spy with the MSS named Oliver Li, whom Annie manages to turn. 

Now, with Oliver on her side, Annie could be closer than ever to getting her hands on Henry. Meanwhile, back in D.C., Arthur and Joan get a promising lead of their own when Arthur realizes that his lawyer Bianca has been secretly working for Henry all along. 

But as always, Henry seems to be one step ahead. Thanks to a tip from Brathwaite, Henry knows that Calder and Auggie are in town, and anticipates that the meeting Oliver requests is a trap. Annie’s plan to get Henry is ruined, but luckily she and the team make it out alive with Oliver. But Henry is now in cleanup mode, sending his thugs to take care of loose ends. And two of those loose ends just might be Joan and Arthur…