River Euphrates
S4 episode 14 Aired on November 7, 2013

In the aftermath of Helen’s murder, Annie and Auggie finally get their long-awaited reunion; unfortunately, it’s both bittersweet and brief. Thanks to a secret note left by Helen, they learn that Nelson Smith, Henry’s money man, is a customs official in New York, which means now Annie is off to the Big Apple to track him down. And she’s not the only one heading to New York. When a tip from FBI agent Vincent Rossabi links Henry to stolen CIA funds, Joan decides to head to Brooklyn to the diamond dealership where it seems Henry is laundering his misbegotten money. 

As Joan makes her way to New York, Annie, who’s already there, finds herself on the wrong end of a gun held by Nelson Smith. Ultimately, she manages to strike a deal with him: if he lets her go, she’ll take Henry down, freeing the out-of-his-depth customs agent from Henry’s clutches. Smith agrees, giving her three days and some valuable intel: Henry has been moving his money via a local diamond dealer in anticipation of an imminent move to Hong Kong. 

That intel leads Annie to the same diamond dealership Joan was checking out, where the two finally come face to face. After Joan recovers from the shock of seeing Annie alive, they loop in Calder and ask him to bring in Henry before he can escape. Auggie was already one step ahead, and his team moves in to take Henry into custody shortly before Calder’s. The only problem? They can’t find Henry Wilcox. He’s in the wind, and whatever his next move is, it’ll no doubt be big—and quite possibly deadly.