No. 13 Baby
S4 episode 13 Aired on October 31, 2013

Though still allegedly dead, Annie is back on home turf—dangerous ground both physically and emotionally, with Henry gunning for “Jessica Matthews” and so many ways her cover could end up blown. She soon arranges a meet with Calder to deliver the laptop she found in Deric Hughes’s hotel room, and he passes it on to Auggie for decryption. As they work on cracking the computer, Annie pays a visit to Deric’s daughter, and learns about a cabin at Camp Hillcrest owned by Henry Wilcox. But when Calder leads a team to the cabin, it explodes before they can find anything, and Annie’s tip leads to nothing. 

Fortunately, Auggie and Eric Barber have some success with the laptop, and find two key pieces of intel: a coded message from Deric to Henry, and contact info for Nelson Smith, Henry’s money man in New York. 

Meanwhile, Calder tries to convince Annie and Auggie to keep apart, for safety’s sake, and Helen makes it clear that she wants back in to the CIA—and back into Auggie’s life. But neither she nor Annie can come in from the cold until Henry is stopped once and for all. And with Arthur’s trial date set in six weeks and Henry more dangerous than ever, the clock is running out for everyone.