Something Against You
S4 episode 12 Aired on October 24, 2013

With Henry’s man dead but Henry still unaware of that fact, Annie and Sana are in a unique position: one step ahead of him. To keep Henry convinced that “Andrew Goodman” is still alive, Annie continues his mission: planting false intel on Sana’s fiancé’s computer linking him to the Copenhagen helicopter bombing. After Interpol takes David into custody, Annie manages to convince a distraught Sana to reach out to Henry for help. Having expected just such a call, he soon arrives in Geneva in the hope that he can rekindle his romance with his ex-wife, and that’s when Annie puts the rest of her plan in motion. 

In an attempt to track Henry’s financial transactions, she tries posing as Andrew using his cell phone and blackmailing Henry. But when Henry finds out that his alleged blackmailer—whose real name is Deric Hughes—is in fact lying dead at the morgue, both Annie and Sana are exposed—and in serious danger. 

Meanwhile, Auggie and Calder start the Langley rumor mill going to raise Henry’s doubts about Eric Brathwaite and drive him closer to Calder. And after getting a surprise visit from Helen, Auggie learns that she is still working with the Campbells, and following Henry to Geneva.