S4 episode 11 Aired on October 17, 2013

Now that she’s been officially declared dead, Annie has a new name, a new look, and a new mission: travel to Geneva and get close to Henry Wilcox’s ex-wife, Sana, in the hopes that she can help take Henry down. 

Meanwhile, things are swiftly changing at Langley. Eric Brathwaite and his new consultant Henry Wilcox are seemingly running the show, while Joan and Auggie have been exiled to low clearance level jobs. But that won’t stop them from continuing their work trying to nail Henry. As Joan, who believes Annie to be dead, uses what’s left of her Agency access to look into Henry’s finances, Auggie and Calder—the only people who know the truth about Annie—keep up a charade of hating each other while working together in secret to drive Henry and Eric apart. 

As her friends mourn and move forward with their missions, Annie makes progress of her own. She gets close to Sana though a grief support group, and soon lands a job at the investment firm run by Sana’s fiancé, David. But an encounter with one of Henry’s henchmen throws a wrench in Annie’s plan. Now, she’s got to deal with a dangerous prisoner and convince Sana that the only way for either of them to stay safe is to team up against Henry.