Levitate Me
S4 episode 10 Aired on September 17, 2013

Henry Wilcox’s dastardly plan has all come to a head: Teo is dead, Arthur is facing treason charges, Joan and Auggie are suspended from their jobs, and Annie is on the run in Europe. Things are looking dire, but no one is quite ready to give up just yet. 

With help from Auggie, Annie makes her way to Frankfurt to look into Henry’s recent visit there, discovering that while in town he met with his ex-wife, Jai’s mother Sana. Meanwhile, the CIA sends in a team, led by Calder, to pull Annie out before the foreign authorities can get to her. The exfiltration team isn’t out for blood—that is, not until Henry’s mysterious red-headed henchman shows up and murders one of the CIA team members, making it look like Annie was the culprit. With Henry back at Langley as a consultant, he’s controlling the situation more than ever. Now Annie is truly running for her life, and, and her only play might be to turn to an unexpected source for help implementing a bold and risky plan. 

And so, as the season ends, Annie finds herself just where we saw her as it began: alone in a climbing elevator, saying her goodbyes to Auggie and she races towards a confrontation that could mean the end of life as she knows it.