Suffragette City
S3 episode 9 Aired on September 11, 2012

As Annie and Simon lay bleeding on the kitchen floor, a deliveryman fortuitously sent by Danielle stumbles upon them and calls for help. Though it's too late for Simon, Annie is rushed to the hospital in critical condition after sustaining two gunshot wounds to the chest. And unfortunately for Annie, her problems don't end there: as she lays helpless and comatose in the hospital, her mind wandering though the events that brought her to this point, the CIA investigates her for treason.

For Lena Smith, shooting Annie and Simon was just the beginning of her devious plan. She's determined to frame Annie as a CIA leak, and so far she's doing a pretty good job of it-even Arthur seems convinced. But when Auggie catches wind of what's happening, he refuses to accept for even a second that Lena's accusations could be true, and will stop at nothing to clear Annie's name.

His investigations soon lead him to the cobbler who created the fake passport Annie used to travel with Simon to Cuba. Unfortunately, Auggie is a few moments too late; the forger is dead by Lena's hand. But although Lena is crafty, Auggie manages to put the pieces together. Now, with help from Joan, he'll have to find the evidence to clear Annie's name and prove that Lena is the true traitor-before Lena puts Annie in any more danger.