Glass Spider
S3 episode 8 Aired on September 4, 2012

After discovering Jai's safe house, filled with research regarding Simon Fischer and a possible intel leak at Langley, Annie and Auggie share the news with Arthur. With Simon now a suspect in Jai's death and Arthur assembling a team to bring him in, Annie realizes it's time to come clean about her relationship with Simon. 

Backed by Lena, she fills Arthur and Joan in and persuades Arthur to let her try to bring Simon in herself. To that end, Annie arranges to meet Simon-who happens to be in town-at a local mall. But the mission is a failure: when the rendezvous is interrupted by a gunman, Simon and Annie are forced to flee. Then, despite Annie's efforts to convince him to stay, Simon says goodbye and disappears.

But a new lead turns up when, while examining surveillance footage of the mall shooting, Annie recognizes the gunman: he was at the diner the day Jai was killed. Though the CIA soon identifies him as explosives expert and assassin-for-hire Leo Brewer and links him to the bomb that killed Jai, they still don't know who Brewer is working for. With Brewer more inclined to eat a bullet than talk to the CIA and Simon still in the wind, the mystery is a long way from being solved. And unfortunately for Annie, the investigation may be about to take a surprising turn-one that will land her in greater danger than ever before.