Hello Stranger
S3 episode 6 Aired on August 21, 2012

When the Prime Minister of Yemen suffers a heart attack and is granted entry to the U.S. to receive medical treatment at the Mayo Clinic, Annie sees an opportunity. She wants to talk to-and hopefully turn-Prime Minister Halabi's close friend and Chief of Staff, Sayid Al-Muqri. And although the State Department has demanded that the CIA stay away from Halabi and his entourage, Annie manages to convince Joan to let her travel to Minnesota to take a shot at landing this potentially major asset.

At the Mayo Clinic, Annie's first attempt to turn Sayid doesn't go as hoped, and she runs into more trouble when the State Department catches her and blasts Arthur for allowing the mission. Despite her orders to head home immediately, Annie isn't ready to give up. But with State still on the lookout and Prime Minister Halabi's health in flux, Annie's window for persuading Sayid is closing, and her impassioned pleas may be falling on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, back at headquarters, Joan is angry with Arthur for failing to back her up with the State Department-and acting like he's already got one foot out the door of the CIA. And Auggie, still stuck in Agency-mandated counseling, gives his therapist Suzanne a glimpse of what it's like to walk in his shoes.