This is Not America
S3 episode 5 Aired on August 14, 2012

Following their recent disgraces, Annie and Auggie have both been reassigned back to the DPD. But there's not much time to celebrate the reunion, because both have new orders: Auggie is entering mandated therapy and Annie is being sent to Israel on a new mission.

The CIA has learned that the Iranians have somehow gained access to American missile specs, and, to find out how that might have happened, Annie is sent to Jerusalem to make contact with Isaac Reiss, the rocket scientist who designed the missiles. Annie is delighted to find out that she'll be working with her old friend Eyal Lavin again, but dismayed to learn that he has orders to report back to the CIA on her conduct in the field. Still, the two forge ahead with their mission and make contact with Isaac. When he mentions a mysterious girlfriend whom Mossad's surveillance failed to find evidence of, Annie knows she's found the source of the intel leak-Isaac's unknowingly dating a spy.

Meanwhile, Arthur's ex-wife, Gina, has some exciting news: Arthur is on the shortlist to be named the Ambassador to China, a position he's dreamt of holding for some time. But, Joan is less than thrilled at the prospect of moving to Beijing, meaning the two have once again found themselves at an impasse.