Speed of Life
S3 episode 4 Aired on July 31, 2012

Thanks to Annie's work, the CIA learns that Simon Fischer has been in contact with Mike O'Leary, a notorious cat burglar specializing in the tech industry. Coincidentally, there's been a break-in at RDI Industries, a big-time defense contractor, and the CIA suspects Mike O. But, they have no idea what he was after. To find out, Annie contacts her old friend Vincent Rossabi at the FBI and suggests a little quid pro quo: she'll give up the identity of the thief and, in return, he'll reveal the details about what Mike stole.

While Annie waits for the intel to come in, and hopes she made the right decision in sharing it with Rossabi, she goes home to spend some quality time with Danielle, who's about to pack it all up and move to California with her family. But when Annie gets a surprising call from Simon announcing that he's in town-most likely to pick up the stolen item from Mike O-she's forced to make other plans.

Meanwhile, Auggie's plans are also changing. In the wake of their Eritrean kidnapping ordeal and his revelation that he works for the CIA, Parker has returned to DC with him. But now, she's harboring doubts about their future together and Auggie's pleas for patience may be falling on deaf ears...