Sound and Vision
S3 episode 2 Aired on July 17, 2012

Fresh off her trip to Morocco, Annie is looking forward to unpacking her bags and getting some much-needed rest. But as usual, the Agency has other plans for her. A Canadian couple, fronts for the Chinese, have been detained in Barcelona after trying to enter to purchase a powerful computer virus from a hacker named Red Rover. Joan sees an opportunity: send in Auggie and Annie, posing as Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Andrea Quinn, to make the buy. There is one small issue though, neither one of them work for her anymore, but that's not a problem.

So against Lena's wishes, Annie is sent to Barcelona with her "husband" Auggie, who is thrilled at the prospect of returning to the field. They successfully make the exchange, but are soon accosted by agents for the Chinese and lose the virus while making their escape. Joan is ready to call them home and Lena is eager to send Annie to Munich to meet up with Simon again, but before Annie can do either, she'll need to tie up loose ends in Barcelona. One thing is clear though: Auggie isn't going anywhere until he's proven he can still deliver in the field, which means that before the happy couple heads home, they'll need to track down—and try to turn—Red Rover.