S3 episode 15 Aired on November 13, 2012

With Auggie on his way to Baghdad and Joan on leave, Annie is on her own at Langley when she gets some bad news: the body of her former asset, Megan Carr, has been found in Luxembourg. Feeling responsible for Megan, Annie travels there to check it out, unwittingly falling into a trap laid out for her by a vengeful Khalid Ansari. Now a hunted woman, Annie has no choice but to turn to an old friend for help: Eyal.

Luckily, though no longer with Mossad, Eyal is just as eager as Annie to bring Khalid down. Together, the two attempt to locate him by following the money being funneled to him by his father, Omar Ansari. With help from Joan, Annie and Eyal manage to gain access to the club where Omar is handing off money to a courier. But when the handoff doesn't go as hoped, Eyal and Annie find themselves once again Khalid's targets—and this time, there may be no escaping him.

Meanwhile, in Iraq as part of Operation Proper Exit, Auggie helps a fellow wounded soldier make peace with his injuries. And back at Langley, Arthur continues to unravel the truth surrounding the drone strike and the mysterious involvement of Henry Wilcox.