Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
S3 episode 14 Aired on November 6, 2011

In the wake of the failed drone strike and Annie's discovery of the fake intel from Mossad, the CIA drills down as Arthur prepares to report before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Though Joan instructs Annie to stay away from Eyal, as usual Annie can't help but disobey—especially when Eyal shows up and informs her that Megan Carr, Khalid's girlfriend whom Annie had turned, is in danger. When Annie discovers that Megan is missing from her CIA safehouse and that Khalid's henchman Griffin Cole has been in the area, she fears the worst: Cole has abducted Megan so that Khalid can exact revenge for her betrayal.

As Annie and Eyal set off to West Virginia to track Cole and Megan, Auggie and the rest of the DPD work on sifting through intel to prove that Mossad played them—and try to figure out why. Turns out Mossad has an answer: Eyal went rogue and faked the photo himself because of a personal vendetta against Khalid. Though Annie can't believe that her friend would betray her, she's shocked when Eyal doesn't deny it.

But that revelation still doesn't explain Arthur's suspicion that Zamir Gerson, the Israeli Minister of Agriculture, is somehow connected. Nor does it prepare Annie and Eyal for what they learn when they finally track down Cole...