Man in the Middle
S3 episode 13 Aired on October 30, 2012

Thanks to intel secretly slipped to her by Eyal, Annie gets an exciting lead: Khalid Ansari, a well-connected oil executive with terrorist ties, will be meeting with a prime CIA target named Kamal al Masri. When Joan rejects Annie's mission proposal, Annie boldly goes above Joan's head to Arthur to pitch the plan: get to Ansari and al Masri by turning Ansari's American girlfriend.

Annie makes contact with the girlfriend, Megan, who after much prodding by Annie reluctantly helps the CIA track Ansari to the compound where he's scheduled to meet with al Masri. Against Joan's instincts, a drone strike is ordered based largely on Annie's intel. But when the operation goes south, it puts Megan's life, CIA-Mossad relations, and Annie's promising career in danger.

Meanwhile, Annie and Joan's relationship is more factious than ever, and Auggie and Joan each face their own personal perils as Auggie gets a visit from his ex-fiancée Parker and Joan continues to struggle with her addiction. And despite her efforts to avoid burdening Arthur with her problem, Joan's reliance on former flame Seth for support puts her secret—and recovery—at risk.