Wishful Beginnings
S3 episode 12 Aired on October 23, 2012

Upon her return to the U.S., Annie's offsite debrief is interrupted by orders to return to Langley, where she's surprised to encounter two unexpected visitors: Eyal Lavin and his boss, Rivka Singer. Mossad is in town tracking an asset who has gone missing – and with her a watch filled with important intel – and in exchange for the CIA's help tracking Karina, they'll share the contents of her watch. But in the new, post-Lena era no one is to be trusted. So while Joan agrees to the partnership, she secretly orders Annie to prevent Mossad from getting its hands on Karina's intel.

Given Eyal's recent role in her rescue, Annie isn't happy about being ordered to betray him, but she begrudgingly takes on the mission. She and Eyal manage to quickly track down a terrified Karina, but unfortunately, it's too late to help her: Karina has been poisoned, and dies before she can tell them where she's hidden the watch. Undaunted, Annie and Eyal set out to find it, dodge the dangerous CIA-trained mercenary who is also after the watch, and figure out whether their friendship has any hope of survival.

Meanwhile, Annie and Eyal aren't the only ones whose relationship is threatened by secrets: while Arthur welcomes Annie back by giving her an award, Joan deals with her feelings privately, and the secret she's keeping from her husband begins to take its toll.