Rock 'n' Roll Suicide
S3 episode 11 Aired on October 16, 2012

In a remote cabin in the Russian wilderness, Annie has done what she traveled across the world to do: kill her former mentor and Russian double agent Lena Smith. But, although Annie has gotten her revenge, she's hardly home free; it's not long before Russian commandos track her down and throw her into a Moscow prison.

With Annie MIA, a frustrated Joan blames herself for the mess, while Auggie puts the pieces together and vainly attempts to convince Arthur to sanction a risky rescue mission. Meanwhile, for days on end Annie holds her ground as an interrogator tries to get information out of her. But when he threatens to harm Simon's sister, Annie begins to grow desperate.

Good thing she's got a few good friends who aren't willing to leave her hanging. In a daring solo mission, Eyal Lavin (with some help from Auggie) manages to break Annie out of prison. Now on the run, the two of them must find a way out of the country, not a simple proposition with Annie topping Russia's Most Wanted list. After Annie and Eyal narrowly escape capture at the Moscow train station, the CIA hatches an even more desperate plan to get them out of Russia via a cargo plane on a remote army airfield. But if that last-ditch plan goes awry, Annie and Eyal just might be out of options...