Hang On to Yourself
S3 episode 1 Aired on July 10, 2012

It's the 4th of July, and everyone at the CIA is feeling festive. But the celebration comes to a quick and shocking end when a car bomb detonates outside a local diner, killing one of the Agency's own: Jai Wilcox.

Annie, who Jai had secretly summoned to the diner, narrowly escapes the explosion. But having been on the scene when Jai was killed, she can't escape suspicion from the Agency, and is quickly reassigned. And she's not the only one being moved out of the DPD: Arthur tasks Auggie with taking over Jai's job at the Office of Special Projects and digging around the department for clues about the murder.

Though Auggie is uneasy about his new position, Annie finds her new supervisor, Lena Smith, surprisingly collaborative and supportive. Lena immediately tasks Annie with a new mission: get close to Simon Fischer, a handsome—and possibly deadly—suspected Russian spy. After Annie follows her target to Marrakech and stages a meeting by orchestrating a fender bender, the two grow closer. And though suspicious of Simon—not to mention the two heavily armed German "tourists" to whom he is somehow connected—Annie can't help but find herself drawn to the mysterious millionaire.