Welcome to the Occupation
S2 episode 8 Aired on July 26, 2011

Pablo Delgado and three other armed eco-terrorists have stormed a conference room in Mexico City and taken a group of oil executives hostage. But little does Delgado know, one of the oil executives, Megan Wilkins, is a deep-cover CIA agent. She's texted an emergency tweet and tipped off Langley of the situation. That's why Auggie hands Annie orders to lead a team of Special Ops down to Mexico and "resolve" the situation.

Jai's father, Henry Wilcox, pulls strings in order to get Annie and her team access to the oil company's building. Annie's cover will be an "American news crew from Eco-TV." But Annie is shocked to hear that her producer who will be accompanying her is Joan, and her cameraman is an even bigger surprise.

The team is to serve strictly as reconnaissance. They are to assess, establish proof-of-life, and evaluate the threat. No guns are to be fired if they want to maintain their cover. All in a day's work.