Half a World Away
S2 episode 7 Aired on July 19, 2011

Auggie is attending a huge jazz festival in Istanbul, Turkey. After meeting old friends and setting up recording equipment to capture the live music experience, Auggie returns to his hotel to mix and perfect the sound. But he's shocked upon hearing a conversation picked up from one of his many microphones. He instantly recognizes the voice: it belongs to the man who blinded him.

Meanwhile, in Langley, Annie is doing big favors for Auggie. When he asks her to look up the name Afran Felat Khani, a man whom Auggie thought was dead, she discovers that the file has been removed. Now, Annie must go to Baltimore to locate Khani's sister. This spurs Auggie — and the flight attendant, Franka, he's been bedding — to locate the voices he picked up on his recordings.

Auggie locates the voice in an Istanbul street vendor's booth, and must concern himself with what this villain from his past is up to today.