The Outsiders
S2 episode 6 Aired on July 12, 2011

As a joint operation with the Polish government, Annie and Reva must hike in Poland to install "rock cameras" near the Belarus border. Annie is enjoying the outdoors, while Reva wishes she were back in the tech lab. But before they head home, Belarusian soldiers brandishing AK-47s suddenly surround them. Both are thrown in the back of a truck and Reva starts to panic because she's not a field operative. Annie stays cool.

The captured CIA agents are brought before the Belarus' secret police's top officer, Max Kupala. He recognizes that Annie is not just a "hiker" and her gadgets are not consumer brand. Kupala takes Annie and Reva to a remote and undisclosed location where he keeps them until they can be used as a bargaining chip for "urgent economic aid," loosely translated as ransom money.

Stateside, Joan must deal with red tape from the State Department for not having alerted the governmental agency of the operation. The State Department prefers to negotiate instead of paying the $60 million for Annie and Reva's safe release.

Meanwhile, Joan makes a call to Jai, who happens to be interviewing for a job in Berlin. The two set their differences aside in order to get Jai to Poland where he immediately begins tracking Annie and Reva's location. But if Annie and Reva are to escape, they'll need more than just Jai. They'll need to dig deep into their CIA training to stay undercover...