Around the Sun
S2 episode 5 Aired on July 5, 2011

Danielle and Annie start their day with a grueling training run to prepare for the Marine Corps Marathon. On her way to work, Annie's nearly killed by an "alpha Barbie" who's distracted with her phone while driving.

Meanwhile, Auggie has accepted a position as head of Office of Congressional Affairs. He's moving up. Auggie's replacement? The same "alpha Barbie" named Reva Kline who nearly killed Annie in the parking lot. Reva is a cold, emotionless agent who comes from the land of statistics, charts and graphs. She's socially inept and Annie is not her biggest fan.

Annie gets orders to infiltrate a NASA satellite maintenance team that may have a staff member giving intelligence to Colombian FARC rebels. Annie meets Will and his son Charlie at a Mars Day ceremony at NASA headquarters in D.C. She's impressed with Charlie's enthusiasm for science, space, and his dad's accomplishments, but his father has all the makings for a motive. Will's underpaid, recently divorced, and NASA has refused funding for his satellite-refueling project.

After being invited over to his house for a barbecue, Reva, Jai and Annie decide to bug Will's home. As Annie, Will and Charlie grill on the roof, Jai slips into the house unnoticed to plant the bugs.

Later, as Annie and Danielle continue training for the Marine Corps Marathon, Annie realizes that she has a tail: a woman with braids. She sends Danielle home so that she can stop the pursuit herself - all this after Danielle confides in Annie about her marriage falling apart. Annie must play sister and protector at the same time.