All the Right Friends
S2 episode 4 Aired on June 28, 2011

Annie is tasked with picking up an FBI prisoner, Carlo, and bringing him to Argentina where Italian AISE operatives will take control of him. Carlo is an Italian journalist who knows more than he should, but Annie's not sure he isn't just another spy with a convincing cover. Carlo runs off into the distance after they touch down in Argentina. After catching up to Carlo, Annie sees a red-bearded assassin named Helmut Drum killing the pilot of the plane. After escaping the airstrip, Annie assures Carlo that her people in Langley will sort everything out.

They head in the direction of the Italian Embassy in Buenos Aires. But the higher-ups like the Italian AISE, Argentinean authority, and CIA are battling over how to clean up the mess. Meanwhile, Joan deals with the massive headache of a failed drop between three sovereign nations. She orders Jai to take over when Auggie is asked to speak with Arthur.

Annie and Carlo try to coexist until she can get him off her hands. Every time she takes off the cuffs, he tries to escape. Every time she calls an audible, he challenges her intelligence and makes a chauvinistic remark. And to make matters worse, Drum eventually catches up to them and more than one bullet is fired. Now Annie must pass through an Argentinean police checkpoint while being shot at from behind.

Big news back in Virginia: Auggie is offered a promotion by Arthur to head OCA. Auggie's shocked by this development. It's a career-making promotion but it would mean he'd never return to the field. He'd be marked "overt." It's a big decision.