Bang and Blame
S2 episode 3 Aired on June 21, 2011

Annie takes her niece to the Georgetown E.R. after she bumps her head. There, Annie meets Scott Weiss, a hunky doctor who brazenly asks her out on a date. But before the ink of Dr. Weiss' phone number is dry, Joan and Auggie approach Annie in the hospital parking lot. They have an emergency of their own.

Joan briefs Annie about a mole they need exposed at the CIA training facility. Roy Gaskins is a former CIA weapons tactics and current training officer at the Farm. He allegedly burned another CIA operative named Laura Taylor. Apparently, Gaskins was "turned" during an op in Afghanistan. Joan wants to charge him with treason, but they still need hard evidence, so they enlist Annie to re-enter CIA training as a cover. Problem is, if Annie accepts the mission and she's also burned, she'll be out of the CIA as well.

Annie arrives at Camp Peary, reports to Gaskins and is immediately thrown into his training operation without any pleasantries. He's an icy character, but Annie shines on the first weapons course, and gains the respect of her new fellow trainees and the trust of her target Roy Gaskins. She'll need both if she's going to expose the mole.